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Waterway Sunrise Residents Concerned Their New Estate is Already Showing Signs of Wear

Happy to meet more new Punggol residents at Waterway Sunrise over the weekend!

We had a hearty chat about kids, pet cats, and food at the nearby kopitiam.

Residents also expressed their concern about the state of the new estate.

Several of them talked about the rough surface of the floors along the common corridors, and how this is dangerous for children, who tend to be energetic and playful.

One resident’s child injured herself after falling on the rough floor.

Fortunately, the injury was not too serious.

Residents also complained about mould growing on the exterior walls of some flats in the area.

They were surprised that newly-built flats could already begin to show signs of wear.

Added to that, some of the paint work has been haphazardly done, with extra splotches of paint where they shouldn’t be and some parts left bare when they should have been painted.

Besides the state of the flats, there were also numerous complaints about a mosquito problem and noise from construction work in the area.

We felt their frustration, and how these issues marred the joyful experience of moving into a new home.

Engaging residents and hearing their feedback, from municipal issues to national issues like rising taxes and transport woes, is important to us.

We all do our part, together, in making Pasir Ris-Punggol a more comfortable home for residents and building a better nation for all Singaporeans.

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