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Thank You New Punggol Waterway Sunrise Residents for Your Warm Welcome

Over the weekend, we visited residents who recently moved into their new BTO flats at Punggol Waterway Sunrise.

We were very happy that many were keen to have a chat about the estate and their hopes for the future of Singapore.

Some municipal concerns they raised include mosquito breeding and insect infestation due to ongoing construction works, and the dirtiness of common areas.

Residents also spoke of the the need for a covered walkway leading towards the LRT station.

Coincidentally, it rained then become scorching hot during our house visits, so we can certainly emphatise with residents!

Apart from these issues, residents also expressed concern over hike in public transport fares.

They are particularly sensitive to this price increase because they need to take several connecting bus, LRT and MRT rides to get to their workplaces.

The SDA has opposed the fare hike, especially since public tranport operators are raking in millions in profits while Singaporeans are feeling the pain from rising prices across the board.

We will continue to engage residents, listen to their concerns, and raise issues regarding poor policies that hurt Common Singaporeans.

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