SDA Statement on Budget 2023: Where is the Singapore for Young Singaporeans?

There is a much-memed saying amongst the younger generation which is associated with the World Economic Forum, “You will own nothing, and you will be happy.” It encapsulates the self-deprecating disenchantment youth face today regarding prices escalating beyond their means, such that the concept of affordability is a joke. It also reflects their pent-up anger […]


SDA Statement on Budget 2022

The SDA lauds the enhanced measures to support low-income Singaporeans announced in Budget 2022. We had hoped that more concrete and actionable long-term plans would be put in place. But for now, these chicken wings are a welcome treat for those struggling to put food on the table. The government, however, is still insistent that […]


SDA Statement on Budget 2021

The SDA is disappointed with the measures announced in Budget 2021. With incomes stagnating, rising under-employment, and surging cost of living, these measures will put a further strain on Singaporeans. (1) Trickle-down effects of the petrol tax hike on average Singaporeans Petrol tax has been hiked by up to 23 percent. This is up from […]