SimplyGo Another Example of Irresponsible Government Spending

Dear Friends,

The SDA once again reminds the government not to waste Singaporeans’ hard-earned tax dollars on grandiose projects.

SimplyGo is simply another showcase of how out-of-touch the Ivory Tower is with the needs and wants of the masses.

The Transport Ministry would not have faced the rude shock of widespread public backlash had it been more thorough in its consultations with Singaporeans right from the beginning.

We question how many hundreds of millions was pumped into developing the SimplyGo system.

Including – all the concessions given and money spent on public awareness campaigns.

Would it have been cheaper to spend $40 mil to renew the EZ-Link system?

That system is what Singaporean actually do want.

And clearly it wasn’t broken in the first place seeing how simple it was for the government to U-turn and reinstate it.

Speaking of U-turns – in 2020, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Transport Baey Yam Keng said that SimplyGo was not intended to replace other payment methods such as EZ-Link, so why the sudden U-turn?

These questions warrant answers beyond just a Facebook post by Transport Minister Chee Hong Tat.

The SDA is also concerned that the lead-up to the planned forced adoption of SimplyGo came under the watch of former Transport Minister S Iswaran, who is facing multiple corruption charges.

The government must stringently evaluate the companies involved and contracts awarded during his tenure.

Singaporeans must be given a full account, and assured that not corruption was involved.

Desmond Lim
Singapore Democratic Alliance

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