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Pasir Ris Residents Raise Concerns About Difficulties Faced Caring for Aging Parents

The SDA team had a good chat with Pasir Ris St 21 residents over the weekend!

Pasir Ris St 21 is a quaint estate, where most HDB flats sprung up about 30 years ago.

While there were many older residents, more younger Singaporeans have moved in to stay closer to their aging parents.

One of the key concerns raised by residents was the unaffordability of HDB flats, even as newer flats shrink in size.

For young Singaporeans who grew up in Pasir Ris and now have started their own families, it is difficult to live near their parents who are getting on in years.

Options like Tengah and Chua Chu Kang are too inconvenient, especially when added to inefficient public transport connections and the high cost of owning a car or motorcycle.

Even for those who have secured HDB flats nearby, the newer flats offer much less space than what they are used to, growing up in Pasir Ris.

One might have left the nest, but it is natural to want to continue caring for the family.

The SDA wants to look into this further and find ways to help Pasir Ris families stay tightly-knit.

Thank you, residents, for your warm welcome.

We’ll see you again soon!

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