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National Day Message 2021

Dear Friends,

Happy National Day!

Today is the day we celebrate the Singapore Spirit – the resilience, creativity, and determination of our fellow Singaporeans.

No matter how difficult circumstances may be, we continue to adapt and overcome.

And more admirably, we help our fellow Singaporeans who have fallen on hard times so that they may thrive too.

That is the Singapore Spirit.

Outside of a battered economy, the most pressing challenge we face today is the erosion of the Singapore core.

Attitudes propagated by government leaders are threatening to breed a culture of “steal-others’-lunchbox” selfishness.

Their irresponsible immigration policies and divisive politics are tearing apart decades of Singaporeans’ shared culture.

Their blinkered ivory tower concept of meritocracy is perpetuating the vicious cycle of poverty trapping needy Singaporeans.

And when problems arise, they push the blame to us Common Singaporeans.

This is not the Singapore Spirit.

As we celebrate National Day, let’s remember that we toiled for decades to build a home for all Singaporeans, and not just the elite.

Let’s continue to work hard for ourselves and our families, while caring for our fellow Singaporeans who are struggling.

The SDA will also continue to do our best to serve Singaporeans, as we have done for the past 15 years through our food distribution programmes and community engagement.

And we will persistently press government leaders to change policies that are hurting Common Singaporeans, as outlined in our manifesto.

We will always be on your side.

Happy National Day, Majulah Singapura!

Desmond Lim Bak Chuan

Chairman, Singapore Democratic Alliance

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