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Too High Salaries, Too Much Pride, Too Little Care for Common Singaporeans

Dear Friends,

It is fortunate that Foreign Affairs Minister Vivian Balakrishnan had another foot-in-mouth moment in the latest parliamentary debate.

Because his comments about PSP NCMP Leong Mun Wai being “illiterate” and coming from a “lousy school”, picked up when he thought the Singaporean public wouldn’t be listening, reminds us once again of the elitist mindset of the PAP-led government.

A “natural aristocracy”, as some would call it, that has lost touch with Common Singaporeans.

One that smiles at us in public and laughs at us in their private moments.

This elitism has perverted the PAP-led government and blinded it to problems which are hurting Common Singaporeans.

Amongst these problems – rising income inequality, unfair job competition and discrimination at the workplace, and the dilution of our Singaporean Identity after the floodgates were opened to foreigners.

Instead of recognising these as problems, the government prefers to trumpet the “racism” narrative and shut out discussion on how to improve.

Mun Wai, at 62-years-old, very commendably stood up to the barrage of attacks from various PAP ministers and MPs for a good 10 hours in parliament.

He fended them off and pressed home the message that Singaporeans are hurting because of flawed economic policies.

The PAP army scored own goal after own goal because of their elitist attitude and myopic view of society.

Too high salaries, too much pride, too little care for our everyday struggles.

What is worrying is this elitist mindset is further creeping into society.

In September last year, two middle-aged Singaporean women who were penalised for behaving unlawfully had the gall to mock a NEA officer with the words, “Talk to rich people nicely, you’re a poor girl”.

The rot starts at the top, and the cancer of elitism is spreading.

It must be stopped.

The SDA once again urges the government to closely examine labour policies which put Singaporean workers at a disadvantage.

In our manifesto, we have called for stricter controls to ensure that foreign PMETs brought in are truly “talents” and not simply taking up jobs that Singaporeans are capable of doing.

We have also laid out initiatives to give greater support to youth from disadvantaged families, so that they have a fighting chance to reach their full potential and succeed in life.

Government leaders are certainly not illiterate, seeing how all of them graduated from elite schools.

It is time they stopped turning a blind eye to our daily struggles.

Desmond Lim
Singapore Democratic Alliance

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