Iswaran Probe Another Reminder of How the PAP Needs to be Probed to be Accountable

Dear friends, When Iswaran was arrested by the CPIB, it was announced that he was “assisting with investigations”. Only when probed did the PAP-led government reveal that he had indeed been arrested. When the Prime Minister declared that Iswaran’s “salary” would be docked to $8500 per month, he made no mention that Iswaran would continue […]


SDA Statement on Budget 2023: Where is the Singapore for Young Singaporeans?

There is a much-memed saying amongst the younger generation which is associated with the World Economic Forum, “You will own nothing, and you will be happy.” It encapsulates the self-deprecating disenchantment youth face today regarding prices escalating beyond their means, such that the concept of affordability is a joke. It also reflects their pent-up anger […]