Mr Anwar Ibrahim’s Rise to become Prime Minister is Remarkable and Inspirational

The SDA congratulates Mr Anwar Ibrahim on his appointment as Malaysia’s 10th prime minister. Mr Anwar’s appointment comes after some 30 years in the opposition where he strove for reform, including time spent in prison for what many deem were politically-motivated charges. This makes his ascent all the more remarkable, and his never-say-die spirit despite […]


SDA National Day Message 2022

Dear friends, A Happy National Day to you! This National Day sees global political and economic shifts impacting the lives of all Common Singaporeans. These are issues which the SDA would like to address. As Singapore emerges from the shadows of the Covid-19 pandemic, Singaporeans have been plunged into another climate of crisis. Global inflation […]


House Visits at Pasir Ris St 72

The team went on a walkabout on Sunday 24 July at Pasir Ris St 72 and also visited the homes of residents there. Again, there is strong concern among residents that cost of living is rising too rapidly, and the government is not doing enough to help Common Singaporeans but instead making the situation worse […]