Tikam-Tikam Covid-19 Measures Recklessly Endanger the Health of Singaporeans

Dear Friends, The Multi-Ministry Task Force has implemented more discriminatory Covid-19 measures against unvaccinated Singaporeans. The purpose of this, say our elite leaders, is to reduce transmission and prevent the unvaccinated from getting severely ill. Go buy things at a shopping mall? No. Eat at hawker centres? Tak boleh. But join the long queues to […]


Bloomberg-Gate: The Last Straw

Delegates at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum can dine in groups of five, even if they are complete strangers. Meanwhile, Singaporeans and our families can only dine in groups of two. Even though, just like these delegates, we too are fully vaccinated. Would a reasonable Singaporean view this as discrimination? That question is best left […]


The Government’s Irresponsible “You-Die-Your-Own-Business” Approach to the Covid Delta Variant

Dear Friends, Covid-19 cases are rising exponentially and hitting record daily highs. The number of deaths from Covid-19 are also rising exponentially. Health Minister Ong Ye Kung has acknowledged that the Delta Variant of Covid-19 is highly infectious. Our hospitals are under threat of being overwhelmed. We have given the Multi-Ministry Task Force time to […]


SDA Opposes the Foreign Interference (Countermeasures) Act in its Present Form

Dear Friends, The PAP-led government is once again attempting to institute what we believe to be an insidious law that will curb freedom of speech in Singapore – the Foreign Interference (Countermeasures) Act, or FICA. To give you a broad overview, FICA toughens the government’s ability to prevent, detect, and shut down suspected foreign interference […]



亲爱的朋友们 , 丹麦550万人口和我们差不多。但他们550万人分布在4万3千平方公里的本土加200多万平方公里的海外群岛。而我们同样的人口分布在600多平方公里。以我们居住及人民流动空间的密度比较,我们被感染病毒的几率必然的会比较高。 其实现在有些地方的病毒传染群是完全可以避免的为什么不去控制。尤其是我们的小学生在没有疫苗保护每天在学校堂食及搭公时跟群体接触,每天最少两次搭公车时接触拥挤的人群,在这种环境下其感染率的可能性非常高,他们是可以避免在公车上或是公共场合跟那些已被感染而不知觉的患者挤在一起的。同样的那些接送孩子上学的家人也因为每天四次在公车或是公共场合有可能接触已被感染病毒的患者而被感染率的可能性也是满高的。 决定效仿西方国家而采取了与病毒共存的策略,使到近两个月来,确诊与病死人数跟之前没有多数人种疫苗时相比简直是妄顾人命。 今日所带给我们日常生活的严重的伤害及影响因素,只因部长的低估了病毒及过于自信自大,采取了与病毒共存的策略是间接造成了人为的高感染率。在一场战争中,如果司令官低估了敌军的实力,有可能导致全军覆没! 其实现在就想着共存真的不现实!病毒一直在变异,当医疗挤兑,轻症得不到治疗变重症的时候很难想象我们这个小国,如果继续采取与病毒共存的策略会变什么样! 放宽管制也是政府自己选的,我们选择的就是谅解和配合。得不到妥善安排,任务繁重这个理由人民是不能接受的。国家应该尽快拿出最好的方式来解决目前的紧急状况! 我个人认为应该即刻重组对抗疫情现有的多种任务团队,重新委派一组由感染病毒专家主导的团队来替代现有的团队。不要事事都认为只有精英团队才能做到。精英人士不代表他们十八般武艺样样精通,将近两年了,采取了反反复复的策略,结果我们的生活一天比一难过,被感染病毒的人数,一天比一天多。这些精英团队河水多深都不知道,就直接往里跳,美其名曰:下河摸石头过河。一句低估病毒就完了,专业的事还是应该专业的人来做。 呼吁总理慎重考虑让专业人士来主导及处理对抗疫情的事宜,而不是继续用门外汉的精英团队来主导及管理专业的感染病专家做事。 林睦荃主席新加坡民主联盟


Lunch with PSP NCMP Leong Mun Wai

Caught up with PSP NCMP Leong Mun Wai on Tuesday after his valiant showing in parliament! Over lunch, we discussed matters regarding jobs and the economy. Like Mun Wai and the PSP, the SDA believes that policies that promote balanced, responsible immigration and grooming of local talents are important for Singapore to thrive as a […]


Too High Salaries, Too Much Pride, Too Little Care for Common Singaporeans

Dear Friends, It is fortunate that Foreign Affairs Minister Vivian Balakrishnan had another foot-in-mouth moment in the latest parliamentary debate. Because his comments about PSP NCMP Leong Mun Wai being “illiterate” and coming from a “lousy school”, picked up when he thought the Singaporean public wouldn’t be listening, reminds us once again of the elitist […]