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Workers’ Safety: Have MOT and MOM been Sleeping at the Wheel?

Senior Minister of State for Transport Amy Khor says that the government is reviewing measures to improve the safety of workers who are transported on lorries.

Ms Khor said that implementing more safety features onboard such as seat belts is not feasible because it would incur more costs for companies.

It is alarming that the government is once again putting profits over people, considering the recent spate of accidents which have resulted in multiple deaths and injuries.

There is nothing wrong with using lorries to transport workers – even the Singapore Armed Forces uses “three-tonners” to transport troops.

The ship may not be broken, but the captain might be sleeping at the wheel.

What should be looked into is the welfare and training of drivers.

If they are workers who have to double up as lorry driver, are they being given enough rest so that they can keep their focus when controlling the vehicle?

Even if they do possess a Class 3 driving licence as mandated by the government, do they have enough practice and experience, and knowledge of Singapore roads?

Ms Khor says that the government has been reviewing measures to improve the safety of workers.

Parliament would have been the best platform to inform the public of what are the results of these reviews thus far.

Disappointingly, what Singaporeans receive are broad statements with little concrete details.

Have the Transport Ministry and Manpower Ministry been sleeping at the wheel?

SDA Chairman’s Office

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