Visit to Block 323B Sumang Walk

It was a hot and humid weekend out! But we’re happy to catch up once again with residents of Block 323B Sumang Walk.

They told us about some niggling municipal concerns which the Town Council has yet to address despite these issues going on for some time now.

Amongst them, a dirty rubbish chute area. Some residents said they have already informed the Town Council, yet the area remains coated with stains and even cobwebs.

Another problem concerns a lift door sensor, and we experienced it first-hand during our house visits, having to wait 20 minutes for the lift to respond.

Interestingly, the paint work at parts of the block is flaking despite having been done up just three years ago. Some residents joked that the paint life span expires before every General Election, so that a new coat of paint can be applied to show residents how they have “benefited” from “upgrading”.

All in, a pleasant day and thank you to residents for your kind words and hospitality!

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