Our Team.

Thumbs Up, Gentlemen

We are proud of our committed and diverse team, all of whom are dedicated to improving the lives of all Common Singaporeans. 

Desmond Lim Bak Chuan


Desmond is the Secretary-General of the Singapore Justice Party. He serves as the Chairman of the Singapore Democratic Alliance.

A principal engineer, Desmond believes in fixing problems. And the biggest problem he sees today is the plight of elderly Singaporeans.

Desmond wants the elderly to be able to retire with dignity, and for young Singaporeans to have a good quality of life instead of facing the daily challenge of high cost of living.

Abu bin Mohamed


Abu is the President of PKMS. He serves as the Secretary-General of the Singapore Democratic Alliance.

Abu believes strongly in tackling social inequality, and ensuring that talented Singaporeans can find good jobs that match their skills competency.

Harminder Pal Singh

Chief Media Officer

Harminder Pal Singh is a business consultant, specialising in marketing and career development.

A member of the Singapore Justice Party, he serves as the SDA’s Chief Media Officer.

“Pal Ji”, as he’s affectionately known by, passionately fights for the rights of Singaporeans to have strong career development paths, and accountability in government.

Kelvin Ong

GE2020 Veteran

Kelvin had to cut short his education and start working at an early age to care for his family. Through hard work and constant skills and language upgrading, he is now a manager at a facilities management company at the age of 34.

Kelvin is a member of the Singapore Justice Party. He firmly believes that the high cost of living in Singapore must be tackled, so that young Singaporeans can afford to settle down, start families and spend quality time with their families.

Kuswadi Atnawi

GE2020 Veteran

Kuswadi is an electrical engineer, and a member of the PKMS.

A family man, he has a heart for needy Singaporeans and believes that more must be done to help the poor break out of the poverty cycle.