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SDA Statement on the Worsening Covid-19 Situation

The Covid-19 pandemic in Singapore is threatening to spiral out of control.

At present, the Multi-Ministry Task Force appears to have lost its grip on the situation.

The 4G leaders in charge are spewing one set of measures one day, and changing their minds the next day.

It almost looks like they are gambling with our lives.

As their indecisiveness grows, clusters have boomed, unlinked community cases are on the rise daily, and a worrying number of children have been infected.

And, Singaporeans have died.

The SDA believes that tougher short-term measures are needed at this point to prevent a full-blown outbreak.

We call for:

(1) a lockdown of all public areas and residential districts
(2) mandatory testing for all residents, shop-owners and delivery personnel
(3) only persons who have tested negative for Covid-19 can leave their homes
(4) a separate quarantine area for all who have tested positive to contain the spread
(5) a temporary ban on incoming travellers until Singapore’s situation has stabilised
(6) a prolonged ban on travellers from high-risk nations until their situation has stabilized

Such tough measures and border controls have been adopted by countries such as New Zealand, Canada and China, and have been crucial in helping these nations contain the spread of the virus.

The SDA believes that Singaporeans’ health must be a priority over a growth-at-all-cost economic mindset.

We are confident that Singapore’s efficient civil service can rise to the task even though our political leadership has failed us.

SDA Chairman’s Office

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