Is the government sacrificing Dover Forest to prepare for a 10-million population?

Singapore’s population today is 5.7 million. Out of this, 40 percent are foreigners. 

Our birth rate has been consistently low and now stands at 1.14. In short, we should not expect a huge spike in the population of native Singaporeans any time soon.

So, are plans to clear the 33ha Dover Forest site for housing part of the government’s plans to grow our foreign population?

Perhaps, to grow the total population in Singapore to the much-speculated (though constantly denied) 10 million?

By that time, wouldn’t we – native Singaporeans – become a minority in our own country?

Our Singaporean identity and way of life is under threat – just like the lives of the 158 species of fauna and 118 species of flora in Dover Forest.

 The SDA is against the clearing of the Dover Forest, just as we are against the government’s irresponsible immigration policies.

The Dover Forest, with its lush foliage and biodiversity, has provided generations of Singaporeans with comfort from the harsh city life.

For residents in the vicinity, it serves as a filter against air pollution and urban heat, and a safeguard against flooding.

Already, Pasir Ris residents have lost a huge plot of greenery the size of about 10 football fields, which is now being cleared for housing. 

This has affected our living environment, and displaced animals such as wild boars from their natural habitat.

It is simply not right for the government to bulldoze its way through without giving Singaporeans a good explanation with regards to necessity and plans.

Singapore is our land, and we should keep it that way.

SDA Chairman’s Office

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