Our “Dear Leader”

A Heart for the People

The SDA is led by
Chairman Desmond Lim Bak Chuan

From Technician to Principal Engineer

Desmond started his career as an air-con mechanic and technician. He worked hard, scaled the ranks, and was recognised for his strategic planning, problem-solving and mentoring abilities. Desmond graduated with a Master’s in Engineering Management in 2006, and is now a Principal Engineer serving among Singapore’s top telecommunications firms.

The Dato' Seri Award

In recognition of his work to alleviate the suffering of those who have fallen upon hard times, regardless of race or religion, Desmond was awarded the title “Dato Seri” in 2019. This civilian honour is reserved for persons who have made significant contributions to the nation.

Dedicated Locals' Caring Community

Desmond started the charity Dedicated Locals’ Caring Community in 2015. The charity has grown to over 1500 members, and has distributed over 5 million assistance packages to persons in need. Dedicated Locals’ currently serves over 7000 beneficiaries across Singapore, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and the Philippines.


"I grew up in a poor family. Some days, we did not have enough rice to eat.

Today, I am lucky that I can help thousands of low-income Singaporeans, families and children, have meals to eat every day through my charity work.

Throughout my political career, my personal motto has always been “A Heart for the People”.

I have fought and lost in politics, been laughed at for being “simple”.

But I will never give up.

When you have a heart for the people, and your mission is to improve lives, you never give up.

The SDA and I will always do our best to serve you.

And we humbly ask for your support."

Desmond Lim

Singapore Democratic Alliance