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Irresponsible Leaders are Leading Singapore into Another Lockdown

Singaporeans have made themselves heard many times regarding the shoddy management of the Covid-19 situation. But it appears that government leaders are not listening.

We told them to be responsible with opening our borders. The ICA allowed foreigners from high-risk countries to enter Singapore on visit passes, even for dubious “girlfriend” relationships.

We highlighted that enforcement action must be stepped up in hot-spot areas, but they seemed more concerned with deploying Safe Distancing Ambassadors to police the heartlands.

We warned that there must be proactive testing of high-risk communities in Singapore, especially foreigners living in cramped quarters, to prevent another dormitory outbreak. It took another outbreak – the KTV cluster – to spur them into taking action.

We demanded clear direction on the National Vaccination Programme and the use of alternative vaccines. Their indecisiveness has now led to vaccine discrimination between approved vaccines and “approved-but-not-approved” vaccines such a Sinovac.

We called for efforts to be focused on fighting the pandemic. Instead, they focused their efforts on whacking the opposition – a Health Minister, Manpower Minister, Law and Home Affairs Minister, and Coordinating Minister for Economic Policies to take on one PSP NCMP Leong Mun Wai. Overkill?

Up until now, the Multi-Ministry Task Force does not seem to know what it is doing. Confusing rules get changed quickly on a whim and fancy, leaving Singaporeans and businesses to suffer the effects.

These 4G “leaders” need to shape up, or be shipped out.

Stop gambling with our lives.

SDA Chairman’s Office

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