sda walkabout 24 Jul 2022 7

House Visits at Pasir Ris St 72

The team went on a walkabout on Sunday 24 July at Pasir Ris St 72 and also visited the homes of residents there.

Again, there is strong concern among residents that cost of living is rising too rapidly, and the government is not doing enough to help Common Singaporeans but instead making the situation worse for us.

In particular, residents highlighted the steep increase in utility bills, food prices and petrol costs.

Interestingly, the government increased petrol tax just before the Russia-Ukraine conflict, so Singaporeans got a double whammy when the fighting broke out and oil prices jumped.

Regarding utilities such as water, some residents even told us that the cost of water tax is more than their water usage fee! GST is one component of tax on utilities, and this is also why the SDA has consistently pressed the government to do away with the planned GST hike.

The SDA has also been pushing for more proactive government action in securing sustainable food sources through local-led initiatives within and outside of Singapore, rather than relying solely on imports from foreign nations.

We will continue to do our best to listen to residents and voice the concerns of all Common Singaporeans.

Thank you Pasir Ris friends for your warm welcome, and see you again soon!

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