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Bloomberg-Gate: The Last Straw

Delegates at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum can dine in groups of five, even if they are complete strangers.

Meanwhile, Singaporeans and our families can only dine in groups of two.

Even though, just like these delegates, we too are fully vaccinated.

Would a reasonable Singaporean view this as discrimination?

That question is best left to the PAP-led government to be answered.

Even though their sense of what is reasonable is sometimes questionable.

This move to allow foreign and local delegates more leeway is a kick in the ribs to Singaporeans.

Especially since it comes just days after the announcement of an extended “Stabilisation Phase” in which tighter restrictions are placed on our movements.

Almost all Pasir Ris-Punggol residents the SDA has spoken to have exclaimed that this is yet another case of one rule for the elite, and one rule for the rest of us Common Singaporeans.

We find it very difficult not to disagree.

Because, flip-flopping aside, certain measures appear to be downright irresponsible

According to the Multi-Ministry Task Force, daily Covid-19 infections are at all-time highs, daily deaths from the virus are also at all-time highs, and hospital staff and resources are at risk of being overwhelmed.

Globally, a new strain of Covid-19 that is even more infectious than the Delta variant is a looming threat to Singapore.

Yet, it is at this time that the PAP-led government chooses to ease restrictions on travellers from high-risk nations.

Would a reasonable Singaporean not find this irresponsible?

Covid aid subsidies to businesses, which come from taxpayers monies, have been given to big corporations.

Yet, the government appears to do nothing when these companies ride on the subsidies to turn profits and pay higher dividends to shareholders.

Would a reasonable Singaporean facing an upcoming GST hike not find this irresponsible?

And now the last straw with “Bloomberg-Gate” where there appears to be one rule for elite foreigners and another for Common Singaporeans.

Singaporeans who have sacrificed much to keep our friends and families safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.

From local businesses that are still bearing the brunt of the constant flip-flopping of rules, two young Singaporeans who have found ways to adapt to delays with their BTO flats, to middle-aged retrenched PMETs who have diligently sought new ways to put food on the table.

The SDA has heard their fears and grievances – we are all simply Common Singaporeans and we share the same hardships.

Singaporeans must never be treated as second-class citizens in our own country.

Enough is enough.

Gao liao.

Desmond Lim
Singapore Democratic Alliance

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