SDA Statement on Budget 2022

The SDA lauds the enhanced measures to support low-income Singaporeans announced in Budget 2022. We had hoped that more concrete and actionable long-term plans would be put in place. But for now, these chicken wings are a welcome treat for those struggling to put food on the table. The government, however, is still insistent that […]


ART Kits for Punggol East Residents

Distributed Antigen Rapid Test (ART) kits to Punggol East residents during our house visits on Sunday (23Jan)! This was our small effort to remind residents of social responsibility since more are having to return to office. We support the current healthcare measures regarding proactive testing, especially with the higher incidence of the Omicron Covid variant. […]


SDA’s New Year Message 2022

Dear Friends, Thank you for making 2021 a heartening year for the SDA. It was a tough year indeed for many of us Common Singaporeans. With this in mind, SDA members and volunteers arranged more food and essential items distribution drives so that we could help more needy families. We also stepped up our outreach […]


Tikam-Tikam Covid-19 Measures Recklessly Endanger the Health of Singaporeans

Dear Friends, The Multi-Ministry Task Force has implemented more discriminatory Covid-19 measures against unvaccinated Singaporeans. The purpose of this, say our elite leaders, is to reduce transmission and prevent the unvaccinated from getting severely ill. Go buy things at a shopping mall? No. Eat at hawker centres? Tak boleh. But join the long queues to […]


Bloomberg-Gate: The Last Straw

Delegates at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum can dine in groups of five, even if they are complete strangers. Meanwhile, Singaporeans and our families can only dine in groups of two. Even though, just like these delegates, we too are fully vaccinated. Would a reasonable Singaporean view this as discrimination? That question is best left […]


The Government’s Irresponsible “You-Die-Your-Own-Business” Approach to the Covid Delta Variant

Dear Friends, Covid-19 cases are rising exponentially and hitting record daily highs. The number of deaths from Covid-19 are also rising exponentially. Health Minister Ong Ye Kung has acknowledged that the Delta Variant of Covid-19 is highly infectious. Our hospitals are under threat of being overwhelmed. We have given the Multi-Ministry Task Force time to […]


SDA Opposes the Foreign Interference (Countermeasures) Act in its Present Form

Dear Friends, The PAP-led government is once again attempting to institute what we believe to be an insidious law that will curb freedom of speech in Singapore – the Foreign Interference (Countermeasures) Act, or FICA. To give you a broad overview, FICA toughens the government’s ability to prevent, detect, and shut down suspected foreign interference […]