SDA Statement on Budget 2023: Where is the Singapore for Young Singaporeans?

There is a much-memed saying amongst the younger generation which is associated with the World Economic Forum, “You will own nothing, and you will be happy.” It encapsulates the self-deprecating disenchantment youth face today regarding prices escalating beyond their means, such that the concept of affordability is a joke. It also reflects their pent-up anger […]


Our Next Question to the PAP-Led Government: “What Do You Have to Hide?”

Dear Friends, The National Development Ministry has been trying to milk political points by saying that HDB is making losses to keep public housing affordable. But when pressed about the cost of building public housing, suddenly the PAP-led government refuses to give an answer, saying that it “wouldn’t be meaningful”. Shouldn’t the meaningfulness of such […]


Mr Anwar Ibrahim’s Rise to become Prime Minister is Remarkable and Inspirational

The SDA congratulates Mr Anwar Ibrahim on his appointment as Malaysia’s 10th prime minister. Mr Anwar’s appointment comes after some 30 years in the opposition where he strove for reform, including time spent in prison for what many deem were politically-motivated charges. This makes his ascent all the more remarkable, and his never-say-die spirit despite […]