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Repeal of 377A: Be Transparent When It Comes to Decisions Affecting Minority Groups

Dear friends,

A repeal of 377A is simply lip service to earn political mileage, because the courts have already said that the law will not be enforced.

The government has potentially signalled that the Constitution will be changed to block the LGBT community from fighting for their right to formal partnerships (and consequently all other rights that may come with it) before an impartial court, and that such rights will be subject to political will.

We ask then, just as we did with the tudung issue, that the government open the dialogue on this issue of LGBT rights to Singaporeans – let’s have things public and not paint pictures behind closed doors.

This is not just an LGBT issue, but a litmus test of whether the government is willing to be transparent with Singaporeans and accountable for its decisions.

Especially when it comes to decisions that affect a minority group in our society.

We are a democracy, and after 57 years of independence Singaporeans young and old are mature enough to engage in such discussions civilly and respectfully.

Desmond Lim
Singapore Democratic Alliance

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