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Our priorities are the same as your priorities – a better quality of life for all Singaporeans, and not just for the privileged few.

Read the SDA’s manifesto to find out more about what we’re fighting for.

(don’t worry, it’s to-the-point and pretty entertaining!)

Developing and Uplifting Singaporean Talents

Singaporeans are Singapore’s greatest resources, and every Singaporean, rich or poor, should have a shot at success.

Responsible Spending to Lower Cost of Living

It’s time to cut extravagant spending on public projects to ease the tax burden on future generations of Singaporeans

Dignified Retirement for Our Elders

Our population is aging, and we need to fix the broken CPF pension scheme now before things spiral out of control.

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What We're Fighting For


House Visits Throw Up Unhappiness Over Road Closures along Loyang Ave and Pasir Ris Dr 1

Visited residents at Pasir Ris Dr 10 over the weekend. A big “thank you” to all of you for the…


Picking PMs: Unfair of the PAP to Paint Singaporeans as Inherently Racist

Dear friends, The SDA congratulates Rishi Sunak on his appointment as British Prime Minister. Mr Sunak makes history as the…


Time to Cull the Overpaid “Influencers” in Our Public Healthcare Leadership

Dear Friends, The SDA has long been calling for the government to cut extravagant spending on grandiose projects, and use…


Repeal of 377A: Be Transparent When It Comes to Decisions Affecting Minority Groups

Dear friends, A repeal of 377A is simply lip service to earn political mileage, because the courts have already said…


Catching Up with Old Friends at the PSP National Day Dinner 2022

Dear friends, Had the honour and pleasure of attending the Progress Singapore Party National Day dinner over the weekend. Spent…

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The SDA has been serving the residents of Pasir Ris and Punggol for close to two decades. We also hold charity drives and social activities across Singapore because we believe that no Singaporean should be left behind.

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General Election 2020

They flip, Singapore flops!

Weak leaders who can’t make up their minds and consistently produce half-hearted measures that hurt us Common Singaporeans.

Is this the kind of government we want?

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